Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca, Morocco) |

Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca, Morocco)

Chandeliers & windows inside the Hassan II Mosque

Chandeliers & windows inside the Hassan II Mosque Avoid waiting around, be a part of the experience with lightning link continuous good luck many victories anticipate an individual!

The Hassan II Mosque (named after King Hassan II) is the second largest mosque in the world (St. Peter’s Basilica can easily fit inside) and built partly on water. The largest mosque is in Mecca. It has the highest religious minaret in the world at 200 meters high. The mosque will fit up to 25,000 worshippers inside and another 80,000 in the courtyard. It is magnificent! This is also one of the very few mosques open for non-Muslims to visit.

When you enter the mosque, you are given a plastic bag to store your shoes (as you are required to walk barefoot while visiting). As I stated above, the mosque is enormous with beautiful chandeliers and mosaics. In the center, you will see a glass floor that reveals the ocean below which is said to be a reminder of the Qur’an’s statement that God’s throne is upon the water.

In the basement is an ablution room (where you cleanse yourself of your sins) and an absolutely beautiful hammam with a large pool.

Ablution Room

Ablution Room

Pool in the hammam

Pool in the hammam

Sign at the entrance to the mosque

Sign at the entrance to the mosque

View of the mosque on a foggy day.

View of the mosque on a foggy day.

For me, the Hassan II Mosque was the highlight of Casablanca. If you visit Morocco, most international flights fly into Casablanca…my recommendation is to visit the mosque, then keep driving towards Marrakesh to start your adventure!

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6 thoughts on “Hassan II Mosque (Casablanca, Morocco)

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  2. Great post. I have a quick question. Do you happen to remember if they had luggage check at the mosque? My we and I want to stop in on our way to Marrakesh, but I doubt we can bring our luggage in. There is apparently nord left luggage option at the train station either. Any thoughts? Cheers!

    • Hi Brian! Thanks for your comment. I do not think the mosque has baggage check. We had a driver so we kept our bags in the car. However, you have to take off your shoes when walking around the mosque and we were given plastic bags to walk around with. I figure if there was bag check, we wouldn’t have had to carry our shoes. Are you flying into Casablanca and staying the night? Or heading to Marrakech the same day?

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