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Nikki’s Nest: Riad Laaroussa (Fez, Morocco)

View from the room into the courtyard

Warrior Dash 414Planning a trip to the fascinating imperial city of Fez?  I recommend staying at the Riad Laaroussa which is located inside the Medina.  This 17th century palace is a welcome retreat of peace after spending the day exploring the chaotic Medina.  My Mom and I had the pleasure of spending 3 lovely days at this riad in September 2012.

What’s a Riad? Quit holding out, sign up for the adventure now with lightning link steady fortune and many victories wait people!

Historically, it is a traditional Moroccan home with an open garden or courtyard.  However, now most function as hotels/resorts.  Riads are more inward focused.  You won’t see large exterior windows.  In fact, the exterior is plain and you are unable to tell if the home is upper or lower class.  There are clay walls with a huge (and in some cases, ornate) door.  Once you enter thru the massive door, you will be amazed at how lovely the interior is.  Beautiful tiles & mosaics, water fountains, lush fabrics…riads provide you with the opulence of a grand mansion combined with a cozy atmosphere.  These lovely “homes” only have a small number of rooms (i.e. 5-10).  Riads provide you with a unique Moroccan experience that you won’t get staying in a hotel.

Getting There

Riad Laaroussa will arrange for a taxi from the airport, train station, or other cities at your request.  Your taxi will drop you off just outside one of the gates to the Medina.  The streets are very narrow inside the Medina so no cars are allowed…only push carts, donkeys & mules.  They will also arrange for a luggage porter (who will have a wooden cart) to greet you at the gate and lead you to the riad which is just a few minutes walk away.  My advice…do not try to find the riad on your own.  The Medina has over 9,000 streets and this riad is located off a side street from another side street.  A 20 Dirham (which is approximately $2 USD) tip to a luggage porter is money well spent.  Plus, this will allow you to take in the sights and sounds of the Medina while walking to your destination.


You can book directly via the website or go thru a 3rd party discount booking agency (i.e. Booking.com).

The Courtyard

This riad surrounds a breathtaking courtyard that has 2 water fountains and beautiful landscaping. There are open lounge/sitting areas surrounding the courtyard.  Each area makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Tables surround the courtyard so you are able to eat breakfast or dinner in a lush environment.

The courtyard is also where you will find 3 of the Riad Laaroussa inhabitants.  Mimi the Cat and her 2 canine companions are extremely friendly (and very lazy).  If you are an animal lover, you won’t want to leave them at the end of your stay.  Typically, Mimi & crew are waiting to greet you as you enter the courtyard and hang around long enough for belly rubs before dinner (and will stick around during dinner just in case you are feeling charitable & want to share).  As you can see from the pictures below, they aren’t missing any meals

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